DNS management

When registering a new domain or transferring a domain to Freethought you have the option to add free DNS management to the domain. You can also add this free management at any time from the add-ons menu of the domain in the customer portal.

What is DNS management?

DNS management gives you the ability to manage the DNS settings for your domain directly within the customer portal independantly of any product. This means that you can manage the DNS records without having to order a hosting package along with the domain, or you could have multiple products from us for a domain and manage the DNS independently of both. Or if you only have your domain with Freethought and have hosting and other services with third parties then this allows you to manage the DNS while still keeping your third party services.

Do I need DNS management?

If you have a hosting package of some kind with us then no you do not need the DNS management. Ordinarily if you have a hosting package for a domain then you would simply manage the DNS for the domain within the control panel for that hosting and not via DNS management.

If you have a website builder package then we will automatically setup DNS management for your domain as the website builder does not have any DNS management capability like our traditional hosting does.

How much does DNS management cost?

Currently DNS management is free for any domain that is registered through us, although we may charge in the future.

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