Domain pricing update

As a general rule we try to avoid increasing our prices wherever possible, in fact the last time that we changed our domain pricing was early 2016. Unfortunately, between price increases by registries and the impact that the current economic and political landscape has had on exchange rates, regrettably we are forced to adjust our pricing.  This ... Read More »

1st Oct 2019
Brexit and .eu domains

As you are no doubt very aware, the United Kingdom is likely going to leave the European Union at some point in the near future. With or without a deal, this is likely to impact the registration of .eu domains by British citizens and companies either immediately upon leaving, or at some point in the near future depending on the manner in which the ... Read More »

3rd Sept 2019
Ethical Consumer scores Freethought 14.5 out of 15

Ethics are an incredibly important aspect of business and the average consumer is not only increasingly aware of the ethical impact of their purchasing decisions but also making a conscious effort to shop in an ethically responsible way with particular focus on environmental sustainability, workers rights and responsible tax practices. As a ... Read More »

18th Mar 2019
Brexit and Freethought

Following the referendum on the UK's continued membership of the EU we have published a blog entry on our website about how this potentially impacts Freethought and our customers.

You can find out more at

2nd Jul 2016
Updated terms and conditions.

We would like to let our customers know that our standard terms and conditions that apply to all services we provide have been updated. The changes that we've made are mostly cosmetic to make the terms easier to read, but we've also extended the terms relating to the provision of leased lines and connectivity services. You can view the latest ... Read More »

14th Oct 2015
Freethought Internet acquires TDMWeb

Today we’re excited to announce that Freethought Internet has acquired TDMWeb. Since launching over a decade ago, Freethought has been dedicated to providing the best hosting services possible at affordable prices, and most importantly of all, delivering truly unbeatable customer care. We work tirelessly to bring our customers the latest and ... Read More »

28th Aug 2015
Freethought Internet acquires Regdotter and Avenue Host

Today we are delighted to announce that Freethought Internet has acquired Regdotter, including the Avenue Host brand. Since launching in 2003 as Xion Internet, our mission at Freethought has been to provide some of the best hosting services available at affordable prices, and most important of all, deliver truly unbeatable customer care. The ... Read More »

9th Sept 2014
New, easier ways to pay!

At Freethought Internet we pride ourselves on making sure your experience with us is nothing but perfect. We are constantly striving to improve every aspect of the products and service we provide, sometimes this means upgrading hardware, sometimes it means using a better piece of software, this time though we're improving the way you pay for your ... Read More »

17th Aug 2013
Freethought Internet aquires Peartree Media

Today we are delighted to announce that Freethought Internet has acquired Peartree Media including the associated brands, Market Hosting, Trileaf and Pearspace.    Since launching in 2003 as Xion Internet our mission at Freethought has been to provide some of the best hosting services available, at affordable prices, and most important ... Read More »

14th May 2013
Freethought Internet opens Manchester Point of Presence

Freethought Internet is thrilled to announce that we have opened an additional Point of Presence (PoP) at the 23,000 square foot, carbon neutral Synergy House datacentre on the Manchester Science Park with the first customers already live. This expansion into a major UK internet hub provides our VPS, dedicated server, co-location and rack space ... Read More »

21st Sept 2011