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  • 7 Views   VAT
    All pricing on the Freethought website includes any applicable sales tax, the exact amount of tax you have been charged will vary depending on your billing address and whether you are a company or an individual.
  • 6 Views   Editing the hosts file
    Sometimes you may want to access a website hosted on a server before it's live, you can accomplish this by updating your operating system's "hosts" file to point a domain at a given IP and override the public DNS records.
  • 5 Views   Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
    HTTP Strict Transport Security is a header that your website can send to visitors to inform them to never connect to your site without encryption for a set time period.
  • 3 Views   Missing padlock
    Once an SSL certificate is installed a website displays a certificate, if something is wrong however it won't display this and may warn the site is insecure.
  • 2 Views   Common network troubleshooting commands
    When trying to diagnose a problem accessing a website or server there are a number of command prompt commands that can be used to determine what may be wrong.