Emergency out of hours support

Certain services include out of hours emergency support provision; typically customers with managed services, co-located or dedicated servers, leased lines, or other connectivity services such as IP transit.

If your service includes emergency support then the details on how to contact emergency support will be on your welcome email from when the service was ordered. If you don't have your welcome email then contact support during regular office hours to get the information you need.

When you contact the emergency support number our phone system will attempt to reach (and if necessary wake up!) an on-call engineer to assist you. It should only be used for emergencies that are severely service affecting, for example:
  • Server(s) is completely unresponsive and requires a hard reboot.
  • Complete loss of connectivity and/or internet access to your server, rack space, office, or home via a Freethought provided connection.
  • Complete loss of functional access to a website or websites on a managed server that serves customers in a different timezone that is confirmed to not be an application problem.
  • An urgent need to access co-located equipment or equipment in rack space within the datacentre to address a serious outage or loss of service.
  • An imminent or ongoing network security incident such as a DDoS attack against a managed service or server connected to the Freethought network.
A degraded service due to packet loss or slow server performance is not generally considered an emergency unless it is so severe it is preventing things like eCommerce transactions from completing on a website that serves international customers. A degraded issue such as this should wherever possible be emailed to regular support technicians with an Urgent priority to handled when the business opens.