Which name servers should I use?

The name servers that a domain uses determines what DNS records visitors to your domain receive, it is critical to get them right otherwise your domain and everything using it will not work. Which of our name servers to use is determined by what product you are using.

Web hosting, ULTRA hosting, cPanel hosting, Windows hosting and Domain Forwarding

  • one.freethought-dns.uk
  • two.freethought-dns.com
  • three.freethought-dns.net

Website builder, hosted email, and DNS management

  • four.freethought-dns.uk
  • five.freethought-dns.com
  • six.freethought-dns.net

Reseller hosting, and managed servers

  • ns1.mypremiumserver.com
  • ns2.mypremiumserver.com
  • ns3.mypremiumserver.com