How to install WordPress on cPanel

  •   23/11/2021 12:36

WordPress is one of the most widely used pieces of website software in the world, and the large majority of users want to use it. To make it nice and simple you can quickly and easily install the latest version of WordPress on your Freethought hosting with just a few clicks following these instructions.

Once you have logged into your cPanel you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page or until the "softaculous apps installer" section, you will then need to click WordPress in the scripts sub-section.


Once at the WordPress page click "Install" or "Install now"

Once at the installation page, you will be able to set up your WordPress installation as you require.

We recommend using the default HTTPS protocol to ensure users data is kept secure during transit, we provide free SSL on all your cPanel hosting so this will work fine. We also recommend that you remove the "In Directory" field "wp" and leave it empty unless you would like to access your website using a subdirectory such as


Once you have filled in the Software Setup fields you will want to set up your site settings and set up an account for the admin account to allow you to manage WordPress.


Generally speaking you don't need to adjust any of the above settings unless you particularly need too. The most important thing of all though is to ensure you have a nice strong password!

Once you are happy with the applied settings click install and WordPress will be ready to use in just a few seconds 🎉